Always the newest titles at the best price, that's Brloh's motto, where qualified staff will offer and demonstrate the widest range of entertainment and educational computer games; video games on Playstation 2, Playstation 3, as well as the latest PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox ONE, Wii, WiiU; or games for portable consoles PSP, PS Vita or Nintendo DS and 3DS. You can always find the latest titles at Brloh, those just coming to store shelves all over Europe, as well as older classics at great prices. It also offers joystick accessories for demanding and casual gamers, steering wheels for all platforms, mice and keyboards for even the most demanding computer gamers.

In addition to video games, you can also find a unique offer of collectible card and parlour games, a wide range of science fiction and fantasy literature, comics, Japanese manga and popular gadgets.

For our regular customers, we have a club card that can be redeemed at our stores for up to 15% discounts. Do not hesitate to visit our Brloh store at Polus! For more information visit
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