Sphinx Restaurants serve oriental and international dishes. Introduced this year, the new menu, based on the slogan ‘We’ve got that flavour!’ offers a wealth of flavours and a variety of dishes. This means there’s something for everyone, whether it's excellent steaks, fish, delicious salads, vegetarian dishes, sweet desserts or delicious coffee.
Our main oriental dishes are the iconic Shoarma®, Hummus Jamil prepared according to an original Lebanese recipe, and Middle Eastern mezze. Always in search of new flavours, we’re constantly expanding our offer with trendy seasonal products.
Our friendly, informal atmosphere and consistent standards make Sphinx the perfect place for various occasions and family gatherings, whether among friends or for business.

All of this means ‘we’ve got that flavour’!The Sphinx restaurants serve oriental and international cuisine dishes, it is the biggest chain of casual dining restaurants and one of the most popular restaurant brands in Poland.

Everyone will find something for themselves on the menu, starting from great steaks and fish dishes, via exquisite salads and vegetarian meals, to sweet desserts and great coffee.

The restaurant’s specialty is the cult Shoarma® inspirited by the Middle East cuisine.

The Sphinx restaurant is a great place both for business meetings and gatherings with family or friends, at any time of the day and for any occasion. Most of our almost 100 restaurants are located in shopping centres and on the busiest streets of Polish cities. 
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