The shelves at Rossmann house over 16,000 products. 

The company is a leader on the chemical and cosmetics market with a 26% market share. Over its 22 years of existence, Rossmann has become synonymous with the word ‘drugstore’ in Poland. Every day, 600,000 customers shop at the chain’s stores. Rossmann strives to help customers choose the right cosmetics. This is facilitated by the free distribution of ‘Skarb’ magazine. In a study of women's magazines by Polish Readership Research (November 2014), the magazine came in 2nd place with 7.6% readership, just behind ‘Twój Styl,’ with 7.98%.

Rossmann’s product range includes 800 brands, both foreign and Polish. Rossmann also has 35 of its own brands, such as Isana (a well-known and popular brand for body and hair care), Babydream (cosmetics and baby food), Alouette (hygiene products) and Domol (domestic cleaning products).

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