Pralnia Higiena

Our company is introducing an innovative concept for maintaining and cleaning clothing:

Hydrocarbon technology, used in the latest versions of chemical aggregates, provides superb and environmentally friendly cleaning power. Moreover, it doesn’t cause any discolouration. Its low cleaning temperature is ideal for very delicate clothing. It is perfect for leather, fur, silk, and metallic and hand-made fibres, and doesn't leave any temperature-related stains, folds or creases. Clothing cleaned using hydrocarbon technology is very soft and pleasant to the touch, with no unpleasant odour or surface tension.

IBW – Idro Bio Wash – is a technology for washing fabrics and leathers in water as an alternative or complement to drycleaning. IBW is completely new on the Polish market. It is an innovative method of water-based cleaning, developed for clothing made of all types of fabrics and leathers (except for full-grain leather). Clothes that can and should be washed in water are more and more often being taken to the dry cleaners. The main advantages of the IBW water system are its excellent results in dirt removal, the pleasant smell and nice touch it gives to clothes, and its improved ecology.

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