Diverse Man

Diverse – a clothing company for people who value comfort and unique style. This brand offers customers more than just fashion collections: Diverse is a lifestyle full of joy and energy!
For over 20 years, DIVERSE has been meeting the unique requirements of active people who value comfort, quality and style. It draws inspiration from the latest fashions, taking the most interesting trends and adapting them to the charismatic nature of the brand. As a result, the collections are a reflection of the brand’s unique spirit.

Diverse has introduced a new strategy for its retail outlets.

Their Diverse Man and Diverse Woman offshoots are dedicated to solutions, styling and other products for specific groups of customers. All interior details have been selected to fully meet the diverse needs of men and women.
The company's new and unconventional commercial concept complements its current marketing strategy. Largely focused on men, the brand will remain informed by the atmosphere of the Diverse Extreme Team, where power and high levels of adrenaline reign supreme.
Diverse Man shops are focused on technical minimalism, simple forms and dark colours. An ascetic interior design was deliberately chosen, so as not to distract visitors from the clear message of masculinity.

Women have also always been a part of the Diverse world, but now Diverse will be focusing on their needs more clearly than ever.
Their new concept addressed to women, Diverse Your Life, is an interesting variation. It is a daily portion of what gives happiness to every woman, brings colours to life, and motivates and inspires people to take action.
The Diverse Woman shops complement the Diverse Your Life concept. These are places rich in fashionable outfits, beautifully displayed details and accessories. Their modern and light interior design – based on a harmony of white, softened with touches of beige and grey – makes the shops unique in every respect. Diverse Woman is the essence of the feminine world.

Opening hours
  • Mo - Sa 09:00 - 21:00
  • Su 09:00 - 20:00
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