Friday 27 April 2018

The city’s first Jumi Zumi restaurant at Tarasy Zamkowe

The opening of Lublin’s first Jumi Zumi restaurant will take place at Tarasy Zamkowe on 27 April. At Jumi Zumi, you can try a mix of traditional eastern cuisines and original dishes prepared by Vietnamese master chefs. We've got several surprises planned for the opening, including a meeting with stars of the Motor Lublin SA football club.

The Jumi Zumi restaurant at Tarasy Zamkowe will be serving up Vietnamese cuisine with an innovative twist, prepared by the best Asian chefs. The dishes are inspired by traditional flavours of eastern cuisine and the uniqueness of the Far East, i.e. fragrance, climate and culture. Dishes will include traditional Vietnamese Pho soup with authentic broth, aromatic meat dishes with rice or noodles, and original compositions using fresh seafood. There will also be fresh and distinct flavours, unusual combinations, and plenty of spices and vegetables.

Jumi Zumi not only promises delicious, exotic food, but it is a sponsor of the Motor Lublin SA football club. To mark the occasion, one of Motor’s biggest stars, Marcin Burkhardt, will be appearing with the club’s manager and trainers on 27 April at 7:30 pm. Customers will be able to talk to them, get an autograph or photo, and buy club souvenirs.

Jumi Zumi is located in the Restaurant Zone at Tarasy Zamkowe on Floor 1. Come and join us!