Thursday 09 May 2019

„Little Entrepreneurs”- New Project For The Youngest

Planning a house budget, sensible savings, wise spending, selfless helping and learning the value of voluntary- that’s only a fraction of issues discussed at cyclic economic workshops “Little Entrepreneurs”. We are starting the programme on 4th of April!

Economic Workshops “Little Entrepreneurs” are cyclic classes for nursery school and primary 1-3 children , which introduce the youngest once into the mysterious world of economy and finance. Thanks to playing together, being creative and making specific tasks, animators together with piggy Grosia and squirrel Frank will in fun way, explain economic concepts and answer bothering questions. After visiting all prepared for this occasion stations and during completion of the special tasks, children will gain toy money, that they will put into their individual bank card and exchange them for attractive prices. At the nearest workshops on 4th of April, the organisers will tell children about home budget planning, as well as that, not everything can be purchased with money.

Economic workshops are divided into two blocs. Between 10:00 and 14:00 organisers invite all nursery school children. Later on, between 15:30 and 18;30 classes for primary school 1-3 children will take place. At the end of the lecturers all participants will receive certificates, piggy bags for planned savings and motivational posters.
Next workshops “Little Entrepreneurs” will take place on 9th of May.

Individual and group entries:
Pawel Chodera
mobile: 501 845 835