Saturday 24 August 2019

Honey harvest on the roof

For two years, several hundred thousand diligent insects have been working on honey production under the watchful eye of an experienced beekeeper. Representatives of the Bukfast breed from VIVO! Apiaries have already permanently inscribed in the ecosystem and bring harmony between nature and urban architecture. They also guarantee biodiversity, the proper functioning of the environment, and ... delicious VIVO! Honey.

Everyone who wants to try the delicious, this time multi-flower specialty, should visit VIVO on August 24! Lublin. At 12.00-16.00 on the observation deck honey harvest will take place - the apiary guardian will conduct a honey production show and tell about the role of bees in the biosystem. On site you will also be able to look deep into the glass, demonstration hive and listen to curiosities from the life of insects. Honey harvest participants will be the first to personally check the effects of the arduous work of small producers. And the specialists' forecasts for this year's honey harvest are very optimistic!