Sunday 21 January 2018

Grandparents’ Day at Tarasy Zamkowe

At Tarasy Zamkowe, we don’t forget about our oldest customers. This Sunday, 21 January, we’re putting on a special Grandparents’ Day. As part of this celebration, senior citizens will be able to take advantage of free preventive screening, consultations, workshops and training at our Lublin shopping centre.

Tarasy Zamkowe invites all grandmothers and grandfathers to this special event on Sunday, 21 January, between 12 pm and 6 pm.

During the event, senior citizens will be welcomed to a comfortable preventive screening zone, where basic measurements will be taken for blood pressure, BMI, and body fat and water. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to consult a doctor regarding their screening results. Visitors will also be able to test their vision for free. In addition, there will be a cosmetics zone at Tarasy Zamkowe where seniors can learn how to take proper care of their skin at an advanced age.

Meanwhile, in the tech zone, they will be able to explore modern electronics and learn how to operate devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. There will be tips and tricks on how to use applications like Skype, Facebook and FaceTime. This will help our senior citizens use modern methods to communicate with their loved ones!

Grandparents’ Day at Tarasy Zamkowe will feature a walking demonstration with specially designed Nordic walking sticks. There will also be artistic performances prepared by children from Lublin schools, kindergartens and cultural institutions.

"We’d like to invite you to a unique Grandparents’ Day at Tarasy Zamkowe. We’ve prepared a Sunday full of attractions especially for senior citizens. We hope that Lublin’s grandparents will benefit from the various zones we’ve prepared, and most importantly, that they’ll get a thorough health screening,” says Mariola Chmielewska, Director of the Tarasy Zamkowe Shopping Centre.
Come and join us!