Saturday 08 December 2018

Festive workshops at Tarasy Zamkowe!

This coming Saturday, 8 December, a pre-Christmas angel-making workshop will take place at Tarasy Zamkowe. Anyone can make their own unique angel here using a variety of materials prepared by the organisers. The classes will be run by cultural animators from KLANZA, the Polish Association of Teachers and Cultural Animators in Lublin. And the Christmas attractions don't stop there. On the following weekend, 15-16 December, Amina Art workshops for pottery decoration will be organised at the shopping centre. Participants in the angel-making workshops will be able to use feathers, beads, string, decorative paper, colourful ribbons and other materials to create their very own shiny, smiling angels. The classes at Tarasy Zamkowe aim to create a unique Christmas atmosphere, help build relationships, and above all, foster a joy in shared activities. The organisers encourage the angel-makers to find unusual and creative solutions. The workshops will take place between 12 pm and 6 pm on Floor -2 outside Biedronka. Anyone can participate in the classes, regardless of age or manual skills. Unconventional concepts and ingenuity are all that matter. You’ll be able to take your angel home with you and use it as an original Christmas decoration. The following weekend at Tarasy Zamkowe will be just as interesting. On 15-16 December, Amina Art pottery decoration workshops will be taking place. During the classes, participants will decorate ceramic Christmas trees, stars and hearts. Participants will be able to decorate and paint the items using coloured paints, glitter, glass crystals, sequins and beads. The ceramic ornaments can be taken home and used as Christmas decorations or original gifts for loved ones. The workshops will take place between 12 pm and 4 pm on Floor -2 outside Biedronka. The workshops will be held as part of the Christmas Festival in Lublin. This is a cycle of festive, urban events organised by the Mayor of Lublin and the Dominican Fathers’ Monastery in cooperation with Tarasy Zamkowe. The events, which will be held at the shopping centre on the weekends before Christmas, aim to support and promote the local culture. Come and join us!