Wednesday 13 February 2019

Exhibition “PLUS CONCEPT” at VIVO! Lublin

From the 15th of April at VIVO! Lublin, you will be able to admire exhibition of the “Plus Concept” prepared by Project Art Gallery. At the presented work lublinian artists, with help of different techniques, are sharing their own vision of the world and their way of perception of the surrounding reality. The exhibition is located at the first floor and is open at the same time as the shopping mall.

Our perception of the world is the result of many factors. There is no one, right way, that you should see and respond to the surrounding reality. The art as in lance is showing this variety of perspectives. This is what the exhibition is related to. The work exposed at VIVO! Lublin is encouraging their recipients to take a moment for reflection and dialog. At the paintings you can clearly notice a variety of styles. The only common factor of the work is the composition and the play with the illusion of the movement and stagnation. You can find synthetic and geometric works that are focused on special odds and ends of specific elements. The exhibition is also filled with landscape and still life work. You can admire the exhibition at the first floor of VIVO! Lublin and it is available between shopping mall’s opening hours.

Project Art Gallery is the initiative promoting art at the public spaces. The originators of the project are two artists; Iwona Ostrowska and Arkadiusz Swiderski. The project works since 2015 and focuses on making events related to modern painting. The goal of Project Art Gallery actions is enriching positive experiences by association with the art.