Key-Expert company provides services that include - among other things –programming and copying different key types, like car keys, home keys, motorcycle keys and keys for gates. Our main field of services is to programm and to copy immobilisers for car keys, car cards and motorcycle keys. We copy home keys, gate keys, alarm keys and garage keys. We also regenerate car door’s locks and ignition locks. What’s more – we fix and repair car alarms and car keyless entry systems. We are able to launch your vehicle even when all of the keys are lost.

Our company has been working for past few years and all of our employees are well-qualified. Our work and services based on hi-tech devices, what is the best guarantee that provided services are on the highest possible level, based on knowledge and experience. Our company has been added to the Rzeszow Area Police Chief’s list as official
technician safety members what makes us even more reliable.

Our cooperation reaches to many worldwide companies and labels, where knowledge and rich experience is shared – that is the main reason why Key- Expert should be considered as well developed and experienced locksmithery company in nearby area.
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