DRACO Eyewear

DRACO eyewear offers a wide range of brand-name sunglasses, polarized goggles and accessories.
The brands offered are DRACO, Lozano, Vinci, Roberto Marco, Christian Lafayette and Katrin Jones, for which the customer receives a 1 to 5 year warranty. All sunglasses have UV-400 filters that protect the eyes against all three ranges of harmful radiation: UVA, UVB, UVC.
They are made of the highest quality materials: polycarbonate, TR90, aluminum, TPEE. Models of sunglasses combine the latest global trends and a great price.

The collection includes women's, men's and children's glasses,
and various types: classic, sport, pilot, cat's eyes, nerd, and Lennon's glasses.

DRACO eyewear is sunglasses for drivers, sportsmen, anglers and everyone for everyday use on sunny days. Everyone will find the right glasses for themselves.
We invite for shopping for DRACO eyewear.
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