Gift Card

Many stores – one gift card!

VIVO! gift card – perfect idea for a present, which gives a possibility for a recipient to choose a gift that complies with his taste and needs. Gift this card to your relatives to celebrate Christmas, their birthday or any other occasion. 

A gift card is a pre-paid card that gives a possibility to purchase products in any store with a payment terminal in VIVO Krosno

How does the card work?
As any other payment card.
All you have to do is to use it  in a payment terminal in store and……. that’s it!
Where can I use a gift card?
You can pay by this card in stores and service points in VIVO! Krosno.
How to purchase a gift card?
You can  purchase a gift card through a website https://vivokrosno.flex-e-card.pl or
using a special card dispenserlocated next to YES store (close by main entrance).
IMPORTANT ! Card dispenser accepts credit cards only
Account top-up
You can top your card up with an amount from 50 zł. to 1 000 zł.
When you purchase your gift card you pay equal its charge only . No additional costs or commisions.
Card validity
Your gift card is active in 30 minutes from purchase and it is valid for 12 months.
How can you check your balance? 
The simplest way is to scan QR code from the back of the card in card dispenser. You can also check your balance through a website https://vivokrosno.flex-e-card.pl/sprawdz-saldo or calling +48 22 490 69 23. 
Orders for companies.
You own a company and you would like to order gift cards for your employers? 
No problem!
Fill in the form for company orders below and send  scan directly to 
Detailed information is avaliable by number: +48 22 490 69 23.
Form for company orders avaliable here: https://vivo-shopping.com/dist/files/formularz_zamowien_firmowych.pdf 
Customer service 
If you need help or you have any questions regarding you gift card, contact customer service.
By phone - tel. 22 490 69 23, 
With a form available at the link https://vivokrosno.flex-e-card.pl/kontakt
Customer service is avaliable from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 20:00 and on Sundays from 9:00 to 20:00 . On Sundays free of trade, helpline is closed.
Frequently asked questions
Answers for frequenly asked questions avaliable here (https://vivokrosno.flex-e-card.pl/informacje/czesto-zadawane-pytania)

Useful links
Main Page: https://vivokrosno.flex-e-card.pl
Order your card: https://vivokrosno.flex-e-card.pl/strona-glowna/delivery
Check your balance: https://vivokrosno.flex-e-card.pl/sprawdz-saldo
Rules: https://vivokrosno.flex-e-card.pl/informacje/regulamin-oraz-warunki-korzystania-z-tej-strony-internetowej

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